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Our measurement experience can help you with any needs or problems your company might have. You work hard to produce gas so why not get the most out of your measurement.  After all, that is exactly how you measure the success of your company.



Feel confident that you are getting the highest quality service with out getting overcharged and know that we warranty all our repairs for a full year and we stand behind it no matter what.  Some companies try to find a way to get out of warranting their equipment.  We understand that sometimes things are out of the hands of the producers and sometimes equipment fails. That is why we replace it with no questions asked as quickly as possible so that there is limited down time.  We also will never try to sell you something you do not need and we get all repairs out in a promptly manner.


Silver Creek Meter Services, LLC
1419 State Route 534
Diamond, OH 44412
Phone: (330)719-5260 or (330)538-7433
Email: silvercreekmeters@yahoo.com

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